March 16th 2019 Flooding


Tammie Stephenson

The River Wharfe is three fields away from my property.

With all the rainfall from the previous week it had started to rise & spill out into the neighbouring fields. 

​On Saturday 16th April the Environment Agency sent out a flood warning  informing me that at at high tide 12 midnight to expect flooding.  

My partner & I went out at 10.30pm with head torches on and started to move the Hives to a higher level.   All taped up and safe, phew.

I awoke Sunday to assess the flood situation and the water had covered the fields and was encroaching onto where I kept the Hives.

At midday the level was higher, I was so relieved I had moved the Hives.

Monday morning and I was definitely glad I had moved the Hives but was now feeling a little anxious as they had been shut in with no access to water for 48hrs.  

Monday tea-time we decided to put the Hives back in their original place using an old Picnic Table to elevate them, at least they were in the same place just a little higher.

Today Tuesday they have been out flying not even fazed by their ordeal.

Still very worrying and anxious times for me hoping and praying that the water will not rise further.

The flood warnings are now no longer in force so with this dry spell all should be ok. 


Had to go back out tonight to do a little modification. Put the table back a bit more & placed Varorra board's under hive to give a little more landing room and also tied up some sticks to help those who fall in the water

The scenery looks very nice from the bees perspective

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