Barkston Ash Beekeepers will be starting a new course of theory lessons for anyone interested in becoming a beekeeper or just simply wishing to know a little more about this incredible insect - the honeybee.

The course will commence on Wednesday 26th February 2020 and will run for 5 consecutive Wednesdays. Starting time is 7:30.

Each session will be held in The Village Hall, Church Fenton (100 yards past the White Horse) and will last for a maximum duration of 2 hours.  Refreshments will be provided as will the opportunity to meet and chat with our beekeepers.

The course is free to our association members so check out our membership as there are significant advantages to be gained from joining us.

As a new association member, after completing the course you will be eligible to attend our practical apiary sessions where you will gain first-hand experience with handling a colony of bees.  Weather permitting, our practical apiary sessions start each Saturday at 1:00pm commencing Saturday 20th April 2019 and will run every Saturday through to July. The practical sessions usually last for around 2 hours although it is not necessary to attend all of the sessions.  


As a new beekeeper, you will be encouraged to keep your first colony of bees at our association apiary during your first year of beekeeping.  At the apiary, they will be cared for each week by our members until you are ready to give them a permanent home.

This week was the last in a 5 week beginners course held at the club meeting place at Church Fenton. week 5 was a summary of the other weeks plus a practical guide to making frames ready for the summer honey flow. The next stage of Beekeeping Course will be the practical sessions held at the clubs apiary starting April 20th at 1.00pm. For new members who are not aware of the location of the club apiary, please follow this link which will email the webmaster who in turn will send you the location of the site. Make sure you put your full name in the email so it can be checked against the membership list. This is for security of the club apiary. Site Location

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