The Club has items for sale to club members. All items will be advertised on this page with email links to the people who have the items. Press the envelope          corresponding to the item you require and a email page will appear where you can request the item and information.




Oxalic Acid: 50ml suitable for doing 1 colony.50p per colony

Note:the amount per colony is 50ml, that is 5ml per seam of bees. should be no more than 10 seams per colony.

Oxalic acid trickle bottle: Price £1.20

APIGUARD at £2.00 per tray (You need 2 trays per hive =£4.00)

APILIFE VAR at £2.50 per pack of 2 wafers.  (You need 4 wafers per hive =£5.00)

MAQS STRIPS, unfortunately are not available from any supplier’s, seems as if everyone has sold out.



Fondant: Fondabee 2,5kg packages, cost of £4 / 2.5 kg or £19 for a pack of 5

Honey Jars:  

As our bees convert the golden fields into golden (white!) honey, you may be needing some jars...


1lb traditional honey jar with gold lid - box of 72 @ £22.00 / box  ( 30.5p / jar)

12oz hexagonal jar with gold lid - tray of 33 @ £8.00 / tray  ( 24.25p / jar)

Jars have been supplied by Freeman & Harding.


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