The Club has items for sale to club members. All items will be advertised on this page with email links to the people who have the items. Press the envelope          corresponding to the item you require and a email page will appear where you can request the item and information.

Fondant: Fondabee 2,5kg packages, Price £3.10

or £15.50 for a box of 12.50kg.

Oxalic Acid: 50ml suitable for doing 1 colony.50p per colony

Note:the amount per colony is 50ml, that is 5ml per seam of bees. should be no more than 10 seams per colony.

Oxalic acid trickle bottle: Price £1.00


As our bees convert the golden fields into golden (white!) honey, you may be needing some jars...


1lb traditional honey jar with gold lid - box of 72 @ £22.00 / box  ( 30.5p / jar)

12oz hexagonal jar with gold lid - tray of 33 @ £8.00 / tray  ( 24.25p / jar)

Jars have been supplied by Freeman & Harding.

To arrange collection from Biggin please e mail Tony Bowey   

Varroa treatments. 2019



APIGUARD      -   2 trays per hive                               £4.00

MAQS STRIPS     2 strips per hive                              £3.50

APILIFE VAR      2 X 2 wafer packs                           £4.00

They are available to collect from Tony ( arrangements the same as for the jars ie contact me by e mail to arrange collection, use email icon.).  I will also come along to the Apiary when we do the Varroa treatment demo and members could collect then.  I believe this is on Saturday 17th August?

More information on different type of treatment can be found hear. Varroa Treatments

Varroa treatment practical sessions at Old Park Apiary


The first Varroa date is 17th of August. Because of the clash with the last  Bee Basic assessments the start time will be 14.30 at Old Park Apiary.

New beekeepers should be able to buy apiguard on the day to put on their hives at the apiary, although to ensure there is enough for everyone pre-order if you can as detailed above.

To administer the treatment you will also need an Eke. The association can lend these if need be. We will also demonstrate other types of Varroa control on the day.

Members with colonies at Old Park will have to remove honey supers before Saturday ( clearers can be put on Thursday /Friday with a view to removing supers on the Saturday afternoon. These can be taken for extraction the following day, Sunday 18th Aug at the extraction session at Church Fenton Village hall 10am - 3pm). All members are welcome to attend the extraction session, please see previous email about numbers of supers.

If you are buying Varroa treatment from Tony these can be distributed on the 17th if you let him know. 


The second Varroa day will be at 13.00 on Saturday 31st of August. We will demonstrate the second application of Apiguard  and discuss feeding equipment and types of feed at this meeting ready for starting feeding to be demonstrated on the 14th of September at 13.00, again at Old Park. This will conclude the demonstrations for autumn.


I hope this timetable is clear to everyone who is interested. Any questions please email at 

More Items will become available soon

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