Countryside LIVE

Wednesday 17th May - Thursday 18th May

Our Barkston Ash beekeepers would very much appreciate to hear from anyone interested in joining our beekeeping demonstrations at this years Countryside Live Event,

Come along to our meeting at 
the Boot & Shoe, Barkston Ash, at 7.30pm on Thursday 13th April.

Countryside Live is an annual country fair held for Primary age school children, which takes place at the Ledston Estate near Castleford.  This is arranged by the Countryside Learning national registered charity (327091) formed in 1986 which aims to educate and inspire children, teachers and parents about traditional and rural life skills. 


Running since 2000, it is a very popular outdoor education event, where children can observe and take part in a variety of outdoor crafts and roles that are long lost from modern school curriculum, and of which many children will have never even heard of before.

Our beekeepers will show groups of children (supervised by their teachers), the 5 basic topics of beekeeping. A quiet sit down to a presentation explaining honey bee behaviour will be followed by short visits to a honey tasting station, a cross section beehive, a live honeybee display with a 'spot the queen' contest, and lastly some dressing up in bee suits for a group photo – including the teachers! 


We would like to have at least two people to each topic, who will be visited by 5-8 children at a time in swift 10 minute slots. There will be a couple of breaks and a lunch time during the day to go and explore other exhibitions at the event. We arrive at Ledston about 8.30am (to avoid school buses), the demonstrations start around 10am and finish at 3pm, and we leave usually no later than 4pm. 

For those taking part in this event for the first time, any prior fears of being overrun by hoards of children are soon settled by a well organised and fun day, which goes by very quickly!  It was also nice to meet members of Leeds beekeeping association and to see the large variety of other exhibitions from wool crafts to birds of prey.  

To see what's on take a look at the Countryside LIVE website here.


” Beekeeping is always a big hit with the children!”

Feel free to email me or catch me at the next

BABKA session.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Rebekah Jenkins

Event Co-ordinator

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