2018 is a year for Red queens

Sherburn Craft & Food Festival

National Bee Unit - BeeBase

Another reminder to our members that it is advisable to register with BeeBase in order to receive updates and warnings of potential threats to our honeybees.  This is probably now more important with the impending threat from the Asian Hornet.

Old Park apiary collage

Our upcoming calendar events

Find out what's going on and book your place at any of our upcoming calendar events.  When you book, you'll get email reminders for the event

This Month in the Apiary ...

Bob's apiary spot on the web has been updated with good information regarding what we should be doing and preparing for.

Asian Hornet Watch App by NBU

Asian Hornet Watch

A new app for Apple and Android Smartphones was launched earlier this year by DEFRA to help in the battle to combat the potential invasion of the Asian Hornet.  The app lets you take photos of "suspects" and sends them directly to the National Bee Unit for identification.  More information about the app here.

Church Fenton Community Store
John Jessop's honey cake

Church Fenton Store

The community store at Church Fenton opened on June 11th and is needing a supply of honey from us.  Click here for more details.

Cooking with Honey

In this new section, we invite our members to share their favourite honey based food or drink recipes.  We're kicking off with this Honey & Lemon Flan from John Jessop and will be adding more later this week.

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