A Most Peculiar Swarm!

Submitted by: John Jessop - 10/05/2017

I had a message from our new parish clerk to say she had bees on her lawn.  From the colour of the bees they weren't likely to be from my apiary plus I was short of boxes so I suggested she contact the other beekeeper in the village. 

Curiosity led me to wandering round to her garden and the bees were still sitting in a thick circular layer very calm and only a few airborne.  I donned my jacket and veil and with a cardboard box I cut an entrance hole in the box then scooped up a few handfuls of bees into the box, closed it and placed alongside the bees on the ground.  The bees began to march in and a group gathered around the entrance with Nasenov glands exposed and fanning determinedly. 

Most of the bees had gone into the box when the other beekeeper turned up and decided to leave until later when the rest of the bees would have gone inside.

Sounded like a good idea but as we turned to leave the bees changed their minds, came out of the box, formed the familiar swirling cloud and departed over the rooftop in a North East direction. 

I can only think a scout had returned to the group with news of a superior des res location. 

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