Loan Equipment

We have a range of equipment that is available for members to use.

Please Contact us here.

Important news
The club now has a powered extractor! We also have 2 manual ones, one is now getting rather long in the tooth, but still works. If people state which they want I will accommodate this as far as possible. I will only use the older one in times of high demand, but will always let you know if it is the older manual one and if you do not want this that is fine. You will be next on the list for the better one.
The extractors are available for use by full club members, as they are often in high demand at certain times the. Rules are: they can be collected Friday evening for return by Sunday evening, or Monday evening for return by Thursday evening. I think this is the fairest way. They can be collected from a user who has one if this is easier, but please let us know.

2  Manual radial extractors

A powered radial extractor

A settling tank

2 Pratley trays

A warming cabinet

A cut away hive

An observation hive

A steam frame cleaner

A steam wax melter

We also have a large selection of books that members can borrow.