Old Park Apiary

 Re-Vamp 2019

Work started clearing the site on Saturday 1st November 2008, and other Saturdays throughout the winter.  Robin Tomlinson supplied the timber and John Whitaker used his wood working skills to make the stillage’s.  Those giving up their time to clear the site – apart from the Committee were:- Brian Shipley, John Whitaker, Liz Lowe plus her husband and Julia Wharrie.

It has been some time since any major work has been carried out on the site apart from its upkeep and clearing the pathways to the apiary by members.

The committee decided it was time for a revamp this year (2019) and have invested in a new shed measuring 10x8. Paul Vickers who is our new apiary manager has taken on this roll and is arranging work parties to prep the site and erect the new shed, repair fencing, revamp old wooden hives and purchase 3 new poly hives so we can show new members the difference between wood and poly hives. Later on in 2020 Paul and Greg Sharp intend to set up a queen rearing program in which they will show other members what to do and how to raise queens.

More photos and story lines on how this project is progressing will be posted soon.

Slabs and sand for shed base & Craig taking them down to site in his JCB and Photo of the new shed from the advert for it.

Stage 1 of the re-vamp started today (24th November 2019) with the ripdown of the old shed and a new base put in for the new one. The weather was over cast but at least the rain held off. Two hours later and we were heading back up to the car park were Chrissy Vickers had the tea and coffee with biscuits ready with Danielle Pickett. A big thank you to the work party who turned out, David Chartes, Micheal Freer, Steve Marshall, Greg Sharp, Ian Tillett and Richard Pickett. 

Stage 2 of the re-vamp started today (3rd December 2019). The new shed arrived in 2 packs like a giant meccano kit. Instructions were 25 pages full of head scratching drawings.

This time we had a team of 4, Greg Sharp, Tony Bowey, Mike Freer and myself. The most important thing on a cold winters morning was setup before any work started.

First we had to put together the shed roof which was a lot of parts and screws

Then we started on putting the sides together.

Trying to fit them was not an easy task as the instructions were not the best, but after many consultations and several cups of tea the shed started to look like a shed without the roof. 

Before we could get all the sides up and the roof on we ran out of light and the temperature dropped, so we packed up for the day and arranged to start the next day with putting the roof on. Wednesday was another cold start with frost on the ground but this didn't stop us. On with the roof and finish stage 2 of the re-vamp.

At this stage after several hot cups of tea the only thing left was the new racking to go in the shed. Yet again another kit to put together but soon done. Stage 2 completed with new shed and shelving. A big thank you to the teams that have made this possible. Stage 3 will be taking place in January 2020.

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