In order to purchase items, the Store needs to know who you are and so it is necessary to set up your store account..  This is because the Store keeps a history of your purchases that you can review at any time.

To set up your Store Account, click the Sign In link near the top of the Store screen (in this example, Sign In is just beneath the Media menu)  ..

The following screen displays ...

Click the Create new account link to set up your Store account.  The following screen displays ...

Add your Name, Email address and a Password of your choice.  I suggest you keep email and password the same as you use for the Members Area.  These credentials will be used to identify you in the future.  Click Register to create your Store account.


You will now be signed into your account and can purchase items from the Store.  


Purchasing an item is a process of steps that will eventually end with an Order Confirmation screen.  You can add items into your shopping basket, change the quantities, delete them or clear the basket at any time during the process.

To purchase an item, click on the Category in which the item belongs to view all of the items in that Category.  In this example, we are purchasing some foundation ...

Tip:  you can click "Store" to return to the Store Front

Click on the item you require to display the item and description.  In this example, Premier Deep Foundation ...

From this screen, you can increase the quantity, add the item to you bag, view the next item in the category or return to the Store Front.  


Please note the "Order Before" date.  Some items will be available immediately whilst others will be purchased in bulk by the association on a specific date.  You should continue to order the item as this information is needed to help us purchase adequate quantities to fulfil our orders.  When an item has an Order Before date, you should ignore the In stock indicator in the panel.

Tip:  Use these arrows to view other items
Tip:  Click here to return to the Store Front and choose another Category
Tip:  Ignore this if item has an Order Before or Taking Orders date

When you add an item to your bag, the following screen display ...

Tip:  You can edit your Shopping Bag or go to the Checkout at any time by clicking the Shopping Bag link.

You now have the option to continue shopping or go to the Checkout.


Once you have made your purchases, you can proceed to the checkout by selecting the Shopping Bag link.  The following screen displays ...

On this screen, you have the option to Clear the contents of your bag, adjust any quantities, delete any items, continue shopping or proceed to pay for your items at the Checkout.  On clicking the Checkout button, the Collection Details screen displays ...

You don't need to write anything down from this screen as the information will be sent to you in a Confirmation eMail message.  Click the Continue button to choose your Payment method.  The following screen displays ...

From this screen, you can choose your payment method for the items you are purchasing.. Different details may display on screen depending upon which method is chosen.  If you do not wish to proceed any further, you can leave this screen by clicking the Shopping Bag link..  


Please note that no cash or cheques will be involved with store purchases.  

If you choose to pay using PayPal, you don't need to have a PayPal account - just a credit card.


 If you have not already signed in , now is the time as you will not be able to proceed any further.

Having selected your payment method, click the Continue button.  The following screen displays ...

This screen displays the details of your order.  On this screen you can change the payment method, click the Shopping Bag link to go back to the Shopping Bag, or confirm and place your order.  

Please note a different screen will display for PayPay and will depend on whether or not you have a PayPal account.  You do not need a PayPal account to make a payment using PayPal.

The Online Store nor BABKA hold or save any of your credit card details.

Click the Place Order button to continue.  The following screen displays ...

Your order has now been placed and you will receive a confirmation email giving details of your order.  Please note that your order cannot be collected until you receive the email that confirms your order is ready for pickup.

Click the Continue Shopping button to return to the Store Front.


You can view and edit details of your account by clicking the My Account link at the top of the Store Front page.  This is also where your order history can be viewed.

TIp:  You can also change your password here.

Please not that the My Account link does not display until you have signed in the Online Store.

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