Association Picnic 2015

Submitted by: Graham Crerar

We were not quite so lucky with the weather this year, but luckily we had a plan B so all was not lost and we still had a great afternoon.  A big thank you to Ginny and Graham for hosting it in their garden and to all those who came.  Thanks to Jean for the organisation of the event and to all those who entered the competitions.  The judging this year was by Alan Woodward who talked us through the process and was very fair and complementary of the standard of exhibits entered. He seemed really impressed with the cakes!


The results were:

Light honey 1st - Greg Sharp; 2nd - Sally/Sandy; 3rd - John Whitaker

Soft set honey 1st - John Whitaker; 2nd - Diane Reasbeck; 3rd - Andrew Middleton

Heather Honey 1st - John Whitaker

Best tasting honey 1st - John Whitaker; 2nd - Graham C; 3rd - Jean Wilson

Wax Products 1st - Diane Reasbeck; 2nd - John Whitaker; 3rd - John Whitaker

Honey cake 1st - Greg Sharp; 2nd - Diane Reasbeck; 3rd - John Whitaker

Other honey confectionary 1st - Jean Wilson; 2nd - John Jessop

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