Weekly Practical Sessions at Old Park Apiary

Week 1

Week 1 started with a demonstration by Greg Sharp on how to light a smoker.

Followed by an inspection of hive 2 in the Apiary. this was going to be interesting because no one know what was about to happen. after finding the Queen and placing her in a holding box Greg continued to show the new members the brood box frames letting each new member have a go at lifting the frame out and looking for capped brood and eggs. Even our youngest club member got stuck in for the first time.

Then it happens, A swam, right in front of us all. They were up and away, Greg reckoned that if we had been half an hour later the Queen would of gone with them. so we left the swam to find there way back to the hive after realizing the queen was not with them. this gave the new members a chance to look into another 2 hives and look at all the frames identifying eggs, capped brood and capped honey. 

just a note to finish with. today we received a email from two of our new members that i would like to share with you all.

I hope you are well and enjoying the sunshine. Please could you pass on my thanks to everyone at the apiary session on Saturday - it was amazing. Very friendly, welcoming, informative, exciting and enjoyable. I now realize the enormity of the swarming event that happened whilst we were there and the skill and knowledge it took to catch and keep the bees, it was brilliant. And we are looking forward to next week. Also, Bob placed some queen cells in my nuc and is nursing them, when and who do I pay for them?


Thanks again to everyone for a fab afternoon.


Michelle and Andrew

Week 2

This week was touch and go if we should open any hives up as the weather was not on our side, rain and wind but when we went down to the apiary the wind was next to nothing so we cracked open hive 2 which last week did a swam in front of our eyes. This week it had a load of Queen cells so we did two splits into nuc's. We also performed a Demaree Method on hive 7 which had loads of bees in.
Just a small update. our youngest member Woodrow. last we we asked him if he would like to write a small story about his first experience with handling the bees. i have put a copy of his letter along with a typed copy as his writing is a little difficult to understand for some.
First let me tell you it gets very hot.Be prepared!
I walked along a winding path expecting to be confronted by 50 or 60 hives. But by 5 hives,but only 4 working.
First we inspected the nearest hive who was leaving on a swam * where all the bees decide to go * ( Bad !)
So we needed to a artificial swarm control. (you move the queen and some bees and some brood so the rest of the bees come back).This was very interesting.I picked up on frame it was very heavy , there were loads of bees on it.

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