For beekeepers thinking about taking the BBKA Modules, the links below are to actual questions from Section A of each module.  I have used some "artistic licence" as the answers provided are multiple choice selections.  The actual exam requires you to write the answer down the old fashioned way.  I'm still aiming to get 20 questions into each quiz.  After answering our quiz questions, press SUBMIT and you can then view your results.


As a point of interest, in the actual exam there are 10 questions in Section A of each module - you should not take any longer than 5 or 6 minutes to complete this section.

If you believe I have any of the answers incorrect, please email me here and I will investigate.

Module 6 - Section A - Honeybee Behaviour (WIP)

Module 7 - Section A - Selection and Breeding of Honeybees (WIP)

Module 8 - Section A - Honeybee Management, Health and History (WIP)

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