Hive Security

By Chriss Line

The theft of beehives is something we all detest - particularly as it is likely that the the thefts are committed by beekeepers.

So what can we do about it?  Here are some suggestions some of which can be found on the BBKA web site:


Brand the brood boxes and supers with your postcode

A branding iron with your postcode will set you back around £30 from Thornes

Use a permanent marker and postcode the frames

A cheap enough option for frames

Anchor the hive floor to the ground

A cheap option but needing a little DIY expertise to make a secure connection to a concrete or paved base

Microchip your hive

Not cheap at around £10 per hive but offers lots of options..

Screen the Apiary from public view

You should be doing this anyway as your apiary should be out of sight of the public

Attend your Apiary at different times for out-apiaries

Varying the time of your apiary visits makes your presence unpredictable to would-be thieves who may be monitoring your movements

Install a motion sensor cameras in your Apiary

Not cheap at around £100 for a hidden Trail Camera but extremely useful and probably worth the outlay. 

Install a hidden motion detector linked to your mobile phone

This is a device secured inside the hive.  Again not cheap but can also get GPS variants.  Check out Abelo Beekeeping

Install a full hive monitoring system.

The ultimate!  The Arnia monitoring system is modular - so you can start at Level 1 and work up if you need to..

Don't tell anyone where you keep your bees.

I never do!


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