Honey Prices

From a thread in the beekeeping forum

In Maldon in Essex there's a beekeeper selling at market at £2.50/lb., while another down the road asks bravely for £5.50 and dare not ask more. Would be better for us all, and better for the cheap man's pocket, if the second bought out the first, or if the cheap stock went in buckets to a commercial buyer. High time this subject was on the agenda of every BKA beginners' course in the country. Could start with Essex: at the main Orsett Show they sell at £6/454, £5/340, £4/227. To add to that wacky way to confuse a customer - which, you'll notice, reinforces the outdated idea that honey in big jars is cheaper - they're obliged to maintain those low prices in order not to charge more than the other honey seller - Thurrock BKA - at the same show. There's history, of course: Thurrock divorced acrimoniously from Essex many years ago; most of us have no idea of the story, or care to know, but it's an example of how a lack of communal thinking keeps prices low, shows that beekeepers find it easy to be their own worst enemies, and that their timid policies hold back the rest of us from raising the profile of honey and making a contribution to our living.

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