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Reporting a Swarm

Do you think you have a swarm of honey bees.

We can help you

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A huge swarm of honeybees took residence in the tree outside yesterday. I was not sure what to do but having spoken to a local beekeeper I now know.   
According to the beekeeper, the bees swarm and then rest in a random spot like this when they are looking for a new home. But they are not great at finding new homes by themselves, and sometimes end up entering properties and building a new home between the walls. Once they are between a house’s exterior and interior wall, beekeepers are not able to rescue them. 
The best thing to do when you see a swarm like this is call a local beekeeper who will be happy to come and collect them. Do not call pest control as a) they will not come and b) if they do attend, they may destroy the bees rather than arrange a new home. 
The bees will not be interested in hurting anyone so you can leave them to rest until they are collected. 
You can find your local beekeepers' around Barkston Ash North Yorkshire By Contacting us 

or by going to: 

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