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Still here?  Then you must be serious as now you will be spending some money!


To get started with practical sessions at the apiary, you will need to be properly equipped and clothed.  That means you will be expected to present yourself in a suitable Beesuit that will protect your head, face and other parts of the body, from bee stings.


You will also require suitable Gloves to protect your hands.  Avoid the leather ones - they will get sticky with propolis and do not clean up very well at all!

If bees are a little tetchy, they will go for your ankles or face.  To protect your ankles, good old Wellington Boots are best with the bottoms of your suit tucked into them.


Ok - that takes care of the clothing side of things.  Now for the other bits you will need.


The two essential pieces of equipment a beekeeper uses is the Smoker and the Hive Tool. 


The Hive Tool is used to separate sections of the hive and to lever frames out of the hive.  Choose a good one.  During your apiary sessions your hive tool will never leave your hand.

The Smoker is used to control the bees and for a beginner, the smoker is the most difficult to control!  It's an art choosing the fuel you'll use in your smoker and to keep the smoker working throughout your apiary session.  Don't skimp on the smoker ... get a decent one with a decent capacity as you will be using this on lots of occasions.  Avoid small smokers!

Bee Suits
Hive Tool
Beehive Smoker
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